Proto Crimson Flag Take 2 - Flash Animatic (from 2007)

Proto Crimson Flag Take 2 - Flash Animatic (from 2007)
Drawn August 24th, 2020
This is my second attempt at starting Crimson Flag, from 2007. (The current comic is the third attempt.)

After realizing comics were super hard, I thought I would make a sort of video game-style cutscene story made by taking pictures of clay models of foxes and then tracing them (because poses are hard!)

I only got a few seconds in. This proto-scene was to be the part where Julian wrecks the console chamber with dragon-Emiline (although I didn't get nearly that far). The major difference here is Lucian takes Edmund's place and volunteers the information on the magical artifacts himself.

Also, it has Giles too!

Youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmA6K6uZZS0&feature=youtu.be
Tags: proto crimson flag flash animation julian lucian giles
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