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Good news and bad news
Posted by Alias on September 10th, 2010
The bad news is, this comic has kinda stopped being fun to make >.< It's been more than a year and my ideas about how a story should work and what I actually want to do with this have changed more than twice. And a webcomic is enough work that I can't really do it if I'm not having fun. For now, I'm gonna pull out the emergency buffer, tenish pages of guest comic intended for the end of this chapter. After that, we'll have to see how I feel. I hope to finish the chapter at least to get some closure >.>

Good news! is running a guest story I wrote some time ago, an awesomely dark story about a reporter chasing an idealistic serial arsonist! The art is kinda old, for me, but I was going for a particular style that works out well with the setting, and honestly after quite some time I can still get excited about that story. I mean, it has bunnies, fire and noir, two of my favourite things and one of my favourite colours!

Um... both I and Vinnie may have made it sound like I've FINISHED this story >.< this is misleading. I have about eleven pages of lead though so we'll do fine ^_^ Expect sudden jumps in art quality.
Posted by Alias on August 21st, 2010
Aaaand we're back!
Drawing Board Time
Posted by Alias on July 23rd, 2010
Alright guys, I've come to the conclusion that I'm just muddling through this arc at this point, the art has been getting worse and the story is going nowhere. Thus, I'm going to take a break from weekly updates to just do the penciling and scripting for the whole rest of the arc. Once I've got that done, I can edit to tweak things and put more effort into the stuff that actually goes out. Break could be just one week or could four or five if my family vacation happens in the middle of it. (That two week break would have happened anyway.)

So, hope to see yas later with higher quality stuff.f
I'm still doing this!
Posted by Alias on June 16th, 2010
Alright, been having a bit of a slump here. Trying to get back into the groove. Hopefully more regular updates in the next few weeks.
Posted by Alias on May 9th, 2010
Well, a combination of writer's block, work, laziness, and a computer crash that took out like two hours of work, this week's comic is ridiculously late and I think I'm just going to skip this week and try to get back on track for next week.
Comic Resumes
Posted by Alias on April 10th, 2010
Aaaand, we're back! And, in other comic news, there should be an 'about the author' page appearing soonish. Also, starting with next weeks page, I'll be breaking out of this 3 by 3 nonsense for some more interesting panel designs.
School is Hard
Posted by Alias on April 1st, 2010
Well, we are coming down to the end of the school year, and that means I have a whole bunch of essays coming due at the same time. So if there isn't a Vigil page this Friday (and there probably won't) that'll be why. Sorry.
Posted by Alias on March 23rd, 2010
As of today Vigil has officially moved from Comic Genesis to this much nicer site, hosted and designed by Virmir! (Pause for applause.) Also, from now on I will be updating between Thursday evening/Friday morning instead of some unknown time on Tuesdays. I hope you enjoy the comic!
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